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5 Home Remedies for Joint Pain and Stiffness this Winter

treatment for joint pain and stiffness

Believe it or not, winter is the season of body stiffness, muscle pains, joint pains. The harsh temperature just ruptures the systems of the body and leaves us feeling too painful and lazy to get up and get on with our day. That being said, in this particular blog, we will talk about the 5 most effective home remedies for joint pain and stiffness. 

Why Do Joint Pain and Stiffness Increase During Winter?

Any part of your body can hurt, but the hips, knees, and feet are most likely to hurt in cold weather. If you run a lot, this pain is more likely to happen. Your weight-bearing joints will be under more stress if you work out outside in the cold more often. You might be in pain because your joints aren’t getting enough blood flow or because the pressure has changed.

There are, however, many ideas about why leg pain happens in cold weather. There are many ideas about what causes leg pain in the winter, but no one can agree on a single cause. This doubt is made worse by the fact that some people have leg pain in cold weather while others don’t. Studies have shown that people with arthritis often feel joint pain when it’s cold, so sometimes the answer is clear.


What Can You Do to Avoid it?




1. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an old Chinese medicine method that includes putting thin needles into certain body parts. People who use it say that it works by rerouting forces and making your body balanced again.

The ACR/AF recommends acupuncture as a possible way to ease the pain of arthritis. There isn’t enough proof to say for sure that it’s good for you, but the chance of harm is low.

2. Herbal Supplements 

There are many herbal supplements that may help with joint pain, but no one herb or vitamin has been proven to treat arthritis by science. Herbs and supplements are examples of natural remedies that may be safe, successful, and have few major side effects.

Some herbs that benefit joint pain and stiffness are:

  • Boswellia
  • Bromelain
  • Devil’s claw
  • Ginkgo
  • Stinging nettle
  • Thunder god vine

3. Get a Massage

Joint pain Massage

Arthritis or joint pain is also largely caused by unmanageable stress and tiredness. Even though a massage has not been scientifically proven to be effective in pain relieving in joints, it can work wonders by reducing stress.

A few other stress management techniques that help manage stress are meditation, healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, ample sleep, and staying hydrated.


4. Use Hot and Cold Therapies:

Hot and Cold Therapies

Hot and cold therapies can help greatly with joint pain and stiffness. When you’re hot, your muscles relax and your joints get smoother. Heat treatment can help loosen up stiff muscles and joints, warm up joints before you do something, or calm a muscle spasm. The cold can help with arthritis and activity-related pain, inflammation, and swelling.

  • Apply heat packs or warm compresses to your joints to help relax muscles and reduce stiffness. Warm baths can also be soothing.
  • Cold packs or ice packs can be applied to reduce inflammation and numb pain. Use them for short periods, especially if you notice swelling.


5. Taking Enough Vitamin D

It is an undeniable fact that people who get enough of outside activity get less arthritis pain and stiffness. One big factor at play there is Vitamin D from sunlight.

Vitamin D keeps your nervous system healthy and helps your bones stay strong. A study conducted in 2016 revealed that the people who got enough sunlight showed less symptoms of lifestyle diseases and other pain and stiffness than those who didn’t.

So, as a home remedy, it is very prudent to sit in the sun for a couple of minutes everyday to avoid some diseases that become a trouble later.

Wrap Up

These home remedies for joint pain and stiffness can be very beneficial if followed properly. We  must understand that these issues in our body are triggered by malnutrition and lack of care. Therefore it is necessary to maintain a healthy diet, do proper exercise, and keep warm, you can keep joint pains and stiffness away. 


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